Nutrition Response Testing


Like a car, your body runs on fuel and requires proper maintenance for it to perform at its highest level. Unlike a car, it is harder to notice the warning signs of poor health because common symptoms can be related to numerous illnesses. Nutrition Response Testing properly fuels your body to improve functionality and reduces symptoms.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) sometimes referred to Nutritional Response Testing, is an advanced analysis and personalized health improvement program, using designed clinical nutrition and supplementation, to improve the function of your body's organs with an accurate nutritional process. NRT provides a glimpse into the body’s "internal computer" as well as an awareness of the body’s deficiencies. The analysis is done through muscle testing, neurological reflex testing, and acupuncture points.

Nutrition Response Testing is an offshoot and hybrid of Applied Kinesiology which is a diagnostic tool and health care system used by medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and many other alternative-care practitioners.  The underlying principle is that the body is run by chemical and electrical signals that are sent from (and back to) the brain via the spinal cord and the fluid nervous system.

All of our organs are controlled by the brain and nervous system, and our hundreds of muscles are controlled by and connected to the nervous system. If there’s an interference with electrical messages, the result is a weakened muscle. NRT uses many of the same muscle testing principles as Applied Kinesiology, but it is its own separate system of diagnosis.  The fundamental principle of NRT is that a symptom can be caused by any imbalance in the body. Once the imbalance is treated properly, the symptom will disappear.

A healthy, unafflicted muscle is naturally strong and will resist average resistance. What you probably think of as simple muscle strength is actually a much deeper connection to nerves, organs, glands and all of the systems of the body. Analysis includes:

  • Your Reflexes
  • Your Autonomic Nervous System
  • Your Acupuncture Points
  • Your Muscle Response

Nutrition Response Testing Treatment is a study of how the different points on the surface of the body relate to a patient's state of health. NRT provides a glimpse into the body's "internal computer", which enables me to help you resolve your health problems, including, but not limited to, the treatment and therapy for following health issues:

  • Immune System Challenges
  • Fungal Problems
  • Parasite Infestation
  • Food Allergies
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Severe and Extreme Fatigue.
  • Skin Rashes
  • Active Scar Repair
  • Digestive Problems and Disorders; Severe Abdominal Pain.


  • Candida
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) also known as acid reflux disease.
  • Bacterial and Viral Issues
  • Chemical and Metal Toxicity Problems

The objective of the technique is to detoxify, fortify, and create awareness and balance in a patient's system. The fundamental principle of Nutrition Response Testing is that a symptom can be caused by any imbalance in the body. Once the imbalance is treated properly, the symptom will disappear. NRT removes any guesswork on what supplements a patient should be taking, by revealing the client-specific nutritional protocol that will heal the patient on a cellular level.

Proper Nutritional Supplementation

One of the nutritional companies that I work with is Standard Process. They are my first choice because they use only whole food organic plant and animal products. Their patented photomorphogenic extracts help regulate cellular metabolism and healing of the organs and cells of the body. Other companies I use include Douglas Laboratories, Thorne, Pure Encapsulations, Metagenics, Emerson Ecologics, Energetix, and Allergy Research Group.

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

I hope you sense my passion and sincere care for helping you achieve a higher level of wellness, and a properly balanced nutritional profile. 

Standard Process Cleanse Program

Chances are, your body is full of toxins, which do have an effect on how your body performs.

Detoxifying your body with the right cleanser is a sound practice for optimum health and well-being. 

What is the Standard Process Cleanse Program?

Cleanses and detox programs are everywhere. From Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow endorsing her favorite cleanse, to stores like Wal-Mart, who carry liver and intestinal cleanses. Many patients come into my office asking me if I think that they should do a cleanse. For some people, it can be a very important step into improving their health and changing their life.

We live in a toxic environment, and our bodies are overwhelmed, and bombarded by toxins every day.  Toxins enter the body through the digestive tract, by food additives, contaminated soil (heavy metals; especially cadmium), and soft drinks, etc. The average American consumes 15 lbs. of additives and 200 lbs. of sugar per year. 

The U.S. allows over 10,000 chemical additives to our food supply. In 2008, the toxic release inventory report revealed 3,849,793,153 lbs. of toxins were released in all industries for all chemicals.  Another way that toxins enter the body is via the skin through everyday grooming products, like perfumes, hairsprays, etc. 

The lungs are also a route that toxins can find their way into the body (exhaust, toxic fumes, secondhand smoke, etc.).  If you live and work in New York City like I do, you can imagine what our bodies have to manage, day in and day out. The body has three options when dealing with toxins: It buries them in body fat, deposits them in tissues, or removes them. 

Our organs of detoxification (liver, blood, skin, kidneys, colon, and lungs) are working 24/7 to clear the body of toxins. Unfortunately, our bodies weren't designed to handle the exponential number of toxic elements that modern day life has gifted us. Many people are in a state of toxic overload.  Our bodies can only handle so much before inflammation and disease appear.

Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse

The Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse is one way to safely detoxify the body.  Not all cleanses achieve this goal safely, gently, and effectively.  A cleanse that claims to detoxify the body in under three weeks is usually too good to be true. The key factor in an effective and safe cleanse is that it supports phase two Liver detoxification.

Phase 2 Liver detoxification is essential for the actual removal of toxins from the body. Many cleanses only support Phase 1 Liver detoxification, which is when toxins are packaged and moved to other parts of the body.

The problem with a cleanse is that it only supports phase one liver detoxification is that toxins are moved to other parts of the body, but not eliminated from the body. It is like redecorating with the same old furniture. Things are moved around so they look and feel different but are really the same.

Toxins or xenobiotics are generally fat soluble, meaning they are stored in fat cells of the body. The more fat our bodies contain the more likely we are storing toxicity in the body.  Phase 2 Liver detoxification allows for the conversion of the most harmful toxins into a water-soluble form, so they can be eliminated effectively and permanently from the body.

I have done my share of research and have found the Standard Process Purification Program meets the goals to safely, gently, and effectively detoxify the body. What I like about this program is that it lasts for three weeks (this time frame is great for changing habits), is not based on deprivation, you can add in meat and fish after the 10th day with good fats.  It is a whole food-based program with nothing synthetic or processed, and it supports both phases of detoxication. 

This process has been studied and peer reviewed in a journal. The conclusive results showed an average weight loss of 9-15 lbs. for men, 6-9 lbs. for women, and a significant reduction in cholesterol (on average 30 points), as well as lipid (fat) profiles. Many of my patients have great success stories with the Standard Process Purification Program.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as CSF, is a disorder that is often associated with extreme fatigue. Even if the individual receives an adequate amount of sleep and rest, they are still experiencing this intense exhaustion. It is not uncommon for people suffering with this disease to have difficulty maintaining their regular schedule for six months or more.

The symptoms of this disorder often make it extremely difficult to assess and it was until a few years ago that it was considered to be an actual problem. In fact, many doctors didn’t believe this disorder existed and many believed the patient was a hypochondriac.

You may have been told "Your

tiredness is all in your head,"

but severe fatigue is a real illness.

If you are so tired that you can

not perform your daily activities,

you may be suffering from

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can very from one person to another, but the majority of those affected do have the extreme fatigue in common. Others will also find they experience flu-like symptoms of a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and muscle aches that have no apparent explanation.

The other defined symptoms of the disorder include a noticeable loss of the ability to concentrate or a loss of memory, headaches, pain in the joints that do not cause redness or swelling, and the exhaustion, which does not go away with rest.

  • You can feel exhausted at any point of the day.
  • You have difficulty getting a good night sleep. You often wake up tired, like you were up for most of the night.
  • You feel like you don't have any energy.
  • You lack motivation.
  • You have difficulty concentrating. It is hard for you to think clearly at work, and it is hard for you to remember and mentally process details.
  • You may also feel depressed.

While most people who are diagnosed with the condition have most of the above symptoms, others will also experience:

  • abdomen pain
  • chest pain
  • bloating
  • diarrhea
  • earaches
  • nausea
  • night sweats or chills
  • and an unexplained weight loss or gain

None of these symptoms are included in the actual definition of the disorder, but many physicians often find that they must be included in the Chronic Fatigue treatment plan and many often use Fibromyalgia treatment for these individuals, as well.

Although the majority of people do experience the extreme fatigue, many often have their own unique set of symptoms. What one individual is experiencing can be quite different from another person who was previously evaluated. One person could experience all of the symptoms or just a few. This is why it can be quite difficult to evaluate, and why so many health care providers actually had trouble believing the actual disorder existed.

Cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Unfortunately, the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of mystery. However, many believe that the disorder is often associated with depression, the immune system is dysfunctional, or even caused by an iron deficiency. Other causes may include:

  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • A Change in the Levels or Hormones Produced by the Body
  • A Viral Infection
  • Adrenal Gland Deficiency
  • Parasites
  • Candida
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

Regrettably, there is no one test to determine what may be causing the symptoms you may be experiencing.

Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you are experiencing any the above symptoms for an extended period of time, please contact me for a free consultation.  Just because you experience several of the symptoms, it doesn’t mean this will be the results of your evaluation.  The only way for me to provide support, and begin a plan of action to make you feel better, is to begin with an office visit.

I started this Holistic Chiropractic Center based on providing you with highly personalized care and treatment, for the entire duration of your therapy.  Changes do not occur overnight, and the healing process is ever changing.  If you can commit to showing up and working hard, I will be right by your side the entire journey! 

I believe my experience and proven track record of success in providing significant relief from living with chronic fatigue is a valid and effective remedy to improve your energy levels.  I sincerely hope you will contact me for a NRT consultation.  We both share the same goal for your overall wellness.

Standard Process Supplier Bonita Springs

These amazing supplements are made from whole foods. Standard Process products are organic and not chemically derived. The body can assimilate them much more efficiently because of their natural formulation. They are my favorite choice for restoring wellness on the cellular level.

Standard Process nutritional supplements are only sold through authorized distributors. The Nutrition Specialists of Florida can refill or create a new nutritional program for you. Please contact us for a free consultation.

I offer my patients a full line of Standard Process Supplements because they are made from whole foods and restore wellness to your body on the cellular level.

Typically, a patient will bring in bags of supplements to muscle test.

For the average patient, I find more than half of the pills they are taking to be not only unnecessary but actually harmful in terms of supporting the body’s normal regulation processes.

Here is a partial list of my most popular Standard Process Inc Dietary Supplements and programs which include:

  • Standard Process Vitamins
  • Standard Process Purification Program
  • Standard Process Detox Formula
  • Standard Process Weight Loss

Standard Process Purification, Cleanse, and Weight Management

Maintaining a proper weight gives your body the best opportunity to be healthy. This 21 day purification program is an effective way to lose weight, reduce cholesterol levels, improve lipid profiles, and support all of your organ systems that play a role in purification. The purification program is more than just a diet. It encourages patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which, in turn, restores wellness.

Standard Process Clinical Study

Clinical Study Results

This retrospective case series supports the hypothesis that a nutritional purification intervention program emphasizing fruit and vegetable consumption, energy restriction, and nutritional supplements reduces serum lipids and weight. The study proved:

  • Significant reductions in total, low-density lipoprotein.
  • Very low-density lipoprotein, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides were observed.
  • Serum triglycerides decreased from 116.3 ± 54.6 (mean ± SD) to 88.6 ± 40.5 mg/dL.
  • Total cholesterol decreased from 223.3 ± 40.7 to 176.2 ± 30.0 mg/dL.
  • Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased from 145.7 ± 36.8 to 110.9 ± 25.3 mg/dL.
  • High-density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased from 54.3 ± 14.6 to 47.6 ± 10.5 mg/dL.
  • Weight for patients decreased from 191.2 ± 38.8 to 182.2 ± 36.3 lb.

A research article published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine discussed the clinical effectiveness of the Standard Process Purification Program. The results from 28 chiropractic patients strengthened the theory that a calorie-restricted whole food diet along with supporting nutritional supplements, administered under the guidance of a trained health care professional, can support healthy serum lipids and weight.

Standard Process Purification Program Details

The 21-day purification program is so effective because it focuses on the whole person making better food and beverage choices, taking whole food supplements, reducing stress, and increasing exercise. The purification program is more than just a diet. It encourages patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle, which, in turn, helps them look and feel better.

This streamlined, easy-to-follow program emphasizes whole, organic, and unprocessed foods; whole food supplements; and water. Vegetables and fruit are eaten from days 1-10, with select proteins added at day 11. Whole food supplements taken during the program included:

  • Standard Process Cleanse®
  • Standard Process Green Food™
  • Standard Process Complete™
  • Standard Process Gastro-Fiber®

Other supplements such as Whey Pro Complete, a protein powder with 15 grams of protein per serving, can also be added to the protocol to support purification.


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